Conditions of participation

This document contains the terms and conditions of participation (hereinafter the "Agreement") that regulate your membership to Panelvp panel and defines your rights and obligations as a member of the panel.

The Panel is provided by Spartoo SAS, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 215,632 Euro with head quarters at 16 rue Henri Barbusse, 38100 Grenoble, registered with the RCS Grenoble under number 489 895 821. Tel: +33 476 095 929

The company is allowed to carry out market studies online via internet from a population or an identified group of panellists who commit to collaborate actively and regularly.

The company uses users of the internet as part of a partnership under which panellists are eligible for regular prize draws.

The panellist volunteers to participate independently in surveys conducted by Panelvp. This independence precludes any form of subordination between the panellist and Panelvp.

Please carefully read the Agreement below and print it if necessary before any registration to Panelvp and any use of sites. By joining Panelvp, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of participation. In addition, you confirm that:

• You meet the conditions for membership specified in Article 2.

• You agree that all provisions in the contract are applicable until cancellation of your membership, specified in Article 4.


Membership: The acceptance of these conditions and become a panel member Agreement: The terms and conditions of participation in force at the time of registration. They may change over time. We therefore invite you to verify them regularly. Market research/Surveys: These consist of studying behaviour, attitudes and opinions of individuals and legal entities. Us: Spartoo Panel: A group of individuals who agreed to respond to surveys conducted by Panelvp. Panellist: Any member of Panelvp Qualification questionnaire: A set of questions the panellist must complete to enable the panel to know its constitution. Prize draw: Prize draw offering a chance to each active panellist to win a prize. Participation rate: The ratio of the number of participations (number of separate surveys completed) per panellist compared to the number of invitations sent to the panellist. You: Any member of the panel

2.Participation in the panel

Participation in the panel is subject to completion of a qualification questionnaire. The panel is open to individuals of 18 years of age, regardless of their nationality.

2.Participation in the panel

The contract will commence following a confirmation email that we send to the panelist. This contract is concluded for an indefinite period. We reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time.

4.Obligations and responsibility

4.Obligations and responsibility

4.1. Member

The member agrees to participate actively, regularly and honestly to surveys, to update their personal information accessible via their panellist account, and to complete at least 1 in 5 surveys. You may not reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purpose all or part of the Panel, any Panel use or right to access the Panel. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain vouchers fraudulently. Any fraud or abuse within the panel may result in administrative and/or judicial pursuit including the confiscation of your vouchers obtained and cancellations of your membership.

4.2. Panelvp

Panelvp reserves the right to send an email requesting the Panelist to update his information. In the event of the application of one or more of the cases set out below, We reserve the right to terminate the Contract by right, without prior notice and without any judicial formality, by email or by simple postal mail:
• Use of the Panel contrary to public order and morality;
; • Infringement of our extra-patrimonial rights or those of a third party;
; • Act affecting the functioning of the Panel ;
; • Deaths ;
; • Account considered inactive. An account is considered inactive if it has not had any completed surveys over a one-year period;
; • Loss, misuse or unauthorised use of your login ;
; • Communication, fraudulent use of your password;
; • Fraudulent, misleading or ill-intentioned use of the Panel (in particular, creation of several accounts for the same person, manoeuvres leading to the unjustified winning of vouchers, in particular by setting up automation systems) ;
; • Making your account available to a third party ;
; • Any failure to provide and/or maintain true, current, accurate and complete information about you ;
; • Any material breach by You of Your obligations under the Contract other than those referred to in Article 4.2 above;
; • Any breach of the provisions of Article 4.1. As a result, we will, without further notice to you, cancel your account, membership and you will be responsible for all costs relating to any damages, legal action or other expenses incurred.

5.Compensation for panelists

In exchange for participation in the panel and depending on the rate of participation, the panellist is automatically entered into the monthly prize draw with a voucher up for grabs. To be eligible for the prize draw of the month, the participation rate of the panellist must be greater than or equal to the rate shown on the panellist account. The panellist may consult their participation rate in their account and therefore its eligibility to the prize draw. A prize draw will take place on the 1st Monday of every month with a £100 voucher prize, valid on for 1 year from the date of issue. To participate in the prize draw, the panellist must have a participation rate of at least 75% on the eve of the prize draw. They can view their rate of participation on the website: Panellists drawn will be notified by email and their name will be published on the Panelvp website. Panellists will also automatically be signed up for the prize draw - which takes place at the end of each survey - and will have a chance to win an extra prize on top (a £18 voucher along with the 4 already in the draw for each survey, valid on for 1 year starting from the voucher’s date of issue). The winning panellists will be informed by email. The prize draw takes place at the end of each study.


The panellist is solely responsible for the use of its capacity as panellist and the consequences resulting there-from. The responsibility of SPARTOO can not be held in the following cases:
• For services provided by third parties
• In case of non-compliance with panellist obligations
• In case of failure of the protection system or ineffective system protection against computer viruses on the computer of the panellist.
• In case of force majeure
• In case of external problems related to the very nature of the internet (slow, saturation, disconnection...)

7.Data Security

Panellists agree to keep the full content of studies that are submitted to them confidential. Panelvp agrees not to disclose any information to any third party regarding your registration information, nor any of your responses to surveys, except in aggregate form. Your personal data will not be used for commercial purposes. Registration is free of any commitment. A member may terminate its membership at any time by updating their contact information on