1. What is Panelvp ?
    Panelvp is a website for a panel of privileged members who participate in surveys about fashion, brands and tomorrow's trends.
  2. Why join Panelvp?
    Participate in Panelvp is share and influence fashion, brands and tomorrow's trends.
  3. Is registration free?
    Registration for Panelvp is totally free. No financial contribution will be requested after your registration to our panel.
    However, we may give you vouchers for the Spartoo website!
  4. How to register for Panelvp?
    To register to Panelvp on, simply complete the "Registration" page and check the box "By clicking, I accept the Terms & Conditions of participation", and then click on the "Confirm" button.
  5. I have several email addresses, which one should I use?
    You should choose the email address you use most frequently to be informed of the availability of surveys as soon as possible.
  6. Why is it necessary to fill out my profile?
    By fully completing your profile, it allows us to:
    • Not ask you the same questions in each survey
    • Understand the profiles of panel membes
  7. What are my commitments within the panel?
    You have no obligation to respond to all surveys, however, you must follow certain rules of conduct outlined in the terms and conditions of the panel.
  8. How to suspend my participation in Panelvp?
    To end your participation, simply click "UNSUBSCRIBE" and then on the "CONFIRM" button. Unsubscribing from the panel takes a maximum of 15 days, and all your data will be deleted.
  9. When can I suspend my participation in Panelvp?
    You can suspend your participation in Panelvp at any time.


  1. How do I edit my contact information (email, address, phone number...)?
    To modify your contact information, simply log in and go to the "my contact information" page on and edit your information in the fields provided for this purpose.
  2. What is the frequency of surveys?
    We limit the number of our surveys to 2 per week, maximum.
  3. How will I be contacted?
    You will be prompted by email with the email address you have provided us. This email will contain a link that you must click on to direct to an interactive survey.
  4. I am obliged to answer the surveys? Within what time period?
    You are of course not obliged to answer all surveys that are available. However, you will need to have answered at least 75% of surveys within the 30-day period prior to a prize draw to be eligible to win the prizes up for grabs.
  5. How long do I need on average to answer a survey?
    Each survey requires an average of 10 minutes of your time to be properly completed.
  6. I received an email asking me to answer a survey but the survey is no longer available...
    Surveys are only available for a limited time, usually a few days. If the survey you want to complete is closed, do not worry, a new survey will be available soon.
  7. How can I be eligible for prize draws?
    To be eligible for the next prize draw, you must have completed at least 3 our of 4 surveys (at least 75%) of those available during the 30-day period prior to the prize draw. The prize draws take place every 1st Monday of the month.
  8. What hardware/software do I need to participate in surveys?
    To participate, you only need access to the internet and an email account. You won't need to install any software.


  1. Who has access to my information?
    All your information is confidential and is not shared in any case or transferred to a third party. This information is only collected and used for research purposes.
  2. Will I receive any commercial solicitation on your part or that of other companies?
    The confidentiality of your information ensures that you will not receive commercial solicitation on our part or that of our partners, except in cases of customer request.
  3. Can I delete my information?
    Yes. Send your request via our "Contact" button.